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Arotalk Telivision Advertising Services

One can say without any hesitation that the advent of satellite television marks the beginning of what may be called advertisement revolution.Every satellite TV channel is flooded not only with interesting programmes but also with numerous advertisements by international companies.

The seven stages of telivision advertising

Arotalk team of TV experts work hard to bring your TV advertising ambitions to the screen. Below we’ve organised everything involved in achieving your goals into seven steps – each one crucial to the success of your targeted TV advertising campaign.

  1. Get in touch

    By completing the TV planning form, or by giving our team a call on 0712 278 8499, you’re effectively taking the first steps towards launching your business on TV.

  2. Understanding your business

    Having received your TV advertising brief, a member of the Arotalk team will contact you within 24 hours for a chat. We’ll get to know your business inside and out, learning about your target audience, marketing objectives and preferred strategy. We’ll then set to work on developing a plan based on your goals.

  3. Analysis of TV market

    Our TV analysts and researchers will conduct preliminary market research, evaluating competitor and sector activity and official viewing data to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the market place and your sector.

  4. Planning your TV campaign

    Now we begin translating your brief into a tangible TV advertising plan, matching your objectives to our competitor and sector analysis. We’ll pinpoint the TV spots centred on the most cost-efficient TV channels, day-parts, days of the week and programming.

  5. Booking TV spots

    With a flexible TV advertising plan in place, our team will then book your TV spots, negotiating the best television advertising rates for your business. Once your TV airtime is booked, Arotalk will provide a full list of up-to-the-minute scheduling which allows you to track your TV spots.

  6. Monitoring your TV ad

    At this point, give yourself an almighty pat on the back – your business is now on TV! Arotalk will work tirelessly to deliver the number of viewers we say we will through the continual monitoring of your campaign, using unique TV analysis software to identify areas of possible improvement and new engagement opportunities.

  7. Improving campaign performance

    Once your TV advertising campaign has launched, Arotalk will ensure that its performance is enhanced through a process of campaign optimisation. We’ll focus on reducing your ‘cost per lead’ and maximising response with the help of cutting-edge analytical tools, enabling us to provide an overview of what’s working and what isn’t whilst improving performance by audience group, TV channels, and day-parts.

Television Advertising Analysis

The success Arotalk has built its reputation on is in turn formed upon the foundations of our stringent TV advertising analysis. This is why we’ve invested heavily in the most cutting edge analytical technology to ensure the fastest, most accurate and economical route is taken to achieve your TV advertising goals.The process involved in maximising the effectiveness of your TV advertising campaign can be segmented into the following steps:

Competitor and sector analysis

We use the most comprehensive and feature-rich TV analysis program available to media agencies when measuring the TV activity of competitors and sectors. We can analyse any brand or sector, providing they have advertised on TV.

From such reports we can gain an insight into which channels your competitors have advertised on, as well as the day parts, weekdays and programming. From this, our team can also calculate estimated spends.

Benefits for this analysis TV Advertisers?

  • This data allows us to detect trends and seasonal patterns within competitor and sector activity.
  • We’ll highlight the distribution of airtime by time of day and day of week, as well as identifying the highest impacting TV programmes for a campaign.
  • This should all place you in a position to decide whether going against the grain or following the same blueprint is your best option.
  • We supply estimated competitor spends whilst identifying the reach and frequency of TV advertising activity. In other words, the fullest possible picture.

Planning your TV campaign

Once we’ve had the opportunity to discuss your TV advertising brief and assess competitor and sector activity, we can then set to work on planning your TV advertising campaign.

Here we correlate the findings of our research with your TV advertising objectives to produce a proposal that reaches your target audience with the greatest efficiency.

Central to this stage of the process is Arotalk proven track-record of securing the best TV advertising deals for our clients. We often book late in the market to provide our clients with greater flexibility.

This approach also enables our TV experts to monitor the TV market and take advantage of available inventory at lower TV rates.

Benefits for this analysis TV Advertisers?

  • Arotalk TV planning process provides you with a clear idea of what you can expect to achieve with your budget.
  • We guarantee to reach the number of TV viewers specified in your plan.
  • We guarantee to reach the number of TV viewers specified in your plan. Our TV advertising plan places us in a great position to perform campaign optimisation. Once your TV advertisement is on screen, we’ll continue to refine your plan based on our latest performance analysis.

Track and review your TV spots

With your campaign launched, we use bespoke software to monitor the most accurate, up-to-date TV spot times. For complete transparency, you will also be given login access.Our reports offer total transparency throughout your campaign, distinguishing Arotalk as a TV advertising agency you can trust.

With this unique software at your disposal, it’s never been so quick and easy to measure the exact reach of a specific TV advertising spot. Having booked your TV spots, we’ll send a complete schedule prior to the launch of your TV advertising campaign, providing you with exact spot times by the second.

Benefits for this analysis TV Advertisers?

  • Results can be derived by advertiser, clock number, or campaign dates, adding flexibility to your campaign analysis.
  • Our clients are granted direct access to the TV spot times tracker with personal login details.
  • Their campaign activity can be measured by the advertiser themselves at any time and from anywhere in the world.
  • Our TV spot time schedules include the day, date, channel, programming, ad length, start and end times, the position in break and the number of TV viewers watching your ad.

Optimising Your TV Campaign

With your TV advertising campaign in motion, we’ll perform continual cross-platform analysis by inserting a pixel code into your website which enables us to correlate sales, traffic and response with your TV spots. This allows us to optimise campaign performance.

The pixel code and accompanying software essentially enables our TV experts to measure the uplift in web traffic triggered by your TV advertising activity. To achieve this we compare baseline web traffic statistics with response and sales data attributable to specific TV spots. Arotalk provide regular reports based on the detailed results gleaned from this system.

Benefits for this analysis TV Advertisers?

  • TV advertisers can identify the ‘cost per lead’ and ‘cost per acquisition’, as well as other response metrics such as ‘impacts per acquisition’ that demonstrate the efficiency of a TV advertising campaign.
  • Clients are given personal login access for added transparency.
  • Advertisers can measure lead generation and response by channel, programme, and day part, allowing clients to see what aspects of their campaign have been working.
  • A tracking code removes the need to manually capture and load data, which often takes time when formatting and exporting the data.

TV Adevertising Production

  1. Tried and tested

    There are so many benefits to being a full service agency when creating video content in terms of communication – full understanding of the product/marketing / media strategies – speed of execution in response to market changes/change in client requirements. All of which offer savings for the client.

    We offer creativity, fun and competent work. Guaranteeing transparency, flexibility and a strict adherence to deadlines. We offer full creative and production or project management/lead agency role in delivering your creative brief.

  2. Any brief

    Whether you’re looking for a direct response TV ad, live action, animation or kinetic typography, we can create a crew or working group that excel in bringing any creative brief to life.

  3. Any budget

    You could be a brand with an established TV presence in need of a new, blockbuster TV advertisement, or a local business looking to enter the TV or online video advertising market for the first time with a small test campaign. We will to work with you within your budget.